Membership Levels

Each membership level has a range of benefits. Select the level that matches your membership goals and the extent to which you wish to be involved in the Chamber.

Membership of the Danish American Chamber of Commerce means being part of an organization that has a long and impressive track record of creating value for Danish-American businesses. By joining the Danish American Chamber of Commerce, you are only a handshake away from world-class connections.



Sustaining Membership will give you access to all of DACC's events and benefits. Sustaining Membership is the most influential and prominent of our memberships. With a Sustaining Membership you and your company are investing in the future and growth of the Danish-American Chamber of Commerce. At the Sustaining Membership level you are ensured that your company will get maximum exposure across all of the Chamber’s areas of operation. You are not only playing a vital part in the future of the Chamber but you are signaling your commitment to creating value for Danish-American business and trade to your partners and customers .



Corporate Membership gives you a prestigious role in the Chamber. Your company is leading by example with commitment and support and gets benefits almost parallel to being a Sustaining Member in return. The Corporate Membership ensures that your company will get preferential treatment across all the Chamber's areas of operation.



As a Small Business Member you are one of our most important supporters. Small Business Membership provides you with high-level access to the powerful network of the Chamber and allows you to become involved strategically in its operations by being eligible for a seat on the Board. This level will ensure that your company will receive unique exposure within all levels of the Chamber’s areas.



This individual membership is your way to get to know the Chamber and utilize the power of its network and services. It is an ideal introduction to the world of opportunities available to you as a member of the Danish American Chamber of Commerce.



The Associates Membership is for anyone under the age of 30. This is the entry level membership to the Chamber.  It's a great way to get to know the Chamber and it opens unique opportunities to get involved in the Chamber's activities and network with fellow members.